Fruits that can give you unbelievable glow.

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Many people often try out different things for shiny skin but often end up damaging it. It is quite important to eat food which is healthy and good for skin. If you are not doing so, then it can result in unhealthy and dull skin. Eating junk food or artificial sugar drinks can make the condition of your skin worse.

However, items with natural sugar such as fruits can help you bringing back the flair it deserves. We will list out the fruits that are not only best for health but will work best for your skin.

  1. Pomegranate: Pomegranate is one of the best fruits for your skin since it contains polyphenols that can help in fighting free radicals and also increase the blood flow. Pomegranate also prevents damage to your skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Apart from all these benefits, it also makes skin healthier. It also has anti-aging components which help in cellular regeneration.
  2. Banana: Banana is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps in revitalizing the dry skin. You can use Banana for oil control. Banana also contains B-vitamins which help in fighting against free radicals which cause oxidative stress. Zinc present in Banana fights acne while Vitamin E protects from ultraviolet damage.
  3. Watermelon: Due to high water content, Watermelon helps in radiant skin. Watermelon is also rich in Vitamin A, C which helps in reducing free radicals. As a result of this, you can prevent your skin from signs of ageing. Watermelon also has a natural astringent which improves the appearance of your skin.
  4. Oranges: Oranges help in lowering the cholesterol level and can also lower the sugar level in the blood. Oranges also lower the risk of kidney stones. With the consumption of oranges, food can be digested easily. It also helps in fighting against cancer and also keeps the heart Vitamin C present in oranges protects cells from damage.
  5. Papaya: Papain, the enzyme present in Papaya helps in skin whitening. It also helps in repairing the aging cells and also moisturizes the dry skin. Apart from these benefits, papaya is also rich in Vitamin A, C and E. Papaya is also used in many scrubs available in the market since it sheds the dead skin cells.



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