foods to be avoided before sleeping

Foods to be avoided before sleeping

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How often do you feel hungry before going to sleep? Many of us have the tendency to eat something late night. However, this habit is not taken in good spirits by our body. Eating late night or before sleep can hand you many harmful effects in the body

Try to avoid these food items before going to bed:

Cereal: Cereal is more effective for the health if eaten in the morning. If you taking that in the form of low fiber, high sugar meal, then you are doing crime with your blood sugar. Unless eating cereals are in your diet plan, avoid it.

Pizza: Pizza is loaded with carbs, sauce, meat and other toppings. Food like this normally takes 6-8 hours to digest. Imagine eating pizza at late night. You might not be justifying your body on how to digest this heavy meal. Eating a pizza is like eating a second dinner.

Dark Chocolate: Chocolate has caffeine and Theobromine substances which light up the nervous system. Your body needs to be relaxing state at night. Muscles try to recover themselves. The chocolate is best when taken during day time.

Ice-Cream: Avoid Ice cream at late night. Ice cream has a lot of fat which can collide with the body state. It can also lead to disturbance in sleep

Yogurt: Yogurt works wonders when taken in the morning but gives worst results for the body if taken at night. Yogurt gives the much-needed energy so it is taken in the morning. At night, when the body is trying to recover from the tiredness, giving it a food like yogurt isn’t good.

Burgers & Fries: These foods are high in calories and Fat content. They also take a lot of time to digest. Avoid these high-fat meals before sleep.




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