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These five foods will fuel your workout

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Most people start doing their workout for muscle building or for losing some fat. Though all workouts will give you sweat, most of the workouts will squeeze all the energy levels from your body. During this, you need to take something to boost your energy to complete the workout. These are five foods that are recommended to take so that they can help in completing your workouts. Some foods will supply the required energy in the form of carbohydrates and proteins.


All the nuts which are edible contain required amounts of carbohydrates and proteins and even fats. During the workout, these carbohydrates and fats will burn to provide you energy. And the proteins will help in building strength and size in your muscles. You can have groundnuts, almonds, cashew and other nuts.


Rice is of many types, among them, brown rice is considered as the healthiest rice. You can take this brown rice in your diet and the carbohydrates in this will burn while doing the workout. Taking required amounts of rice will provide energy for your total day work. So if your workout is intense, then this rice will be supplying the required amounts of glycogen.


While doing a workout you need to provide enough amounts of oxygen to the muscles. The antioxidants will help in recovering your muscles and activate them within a short time. This will help in extending your workout for more repetitions. The antioxidants will also help in keeping you brain active and it will reduce the tiredness.


We throw the seeds from many fruits and flowers, but the seeds play a very important role in energizing your muscles. Seeds like Chia, hemp and flax and even seeds of sunflower contain omega fatty acids that help in increasing the amino acids in your body and these acids will build muscle strength and provide energy to your workout. A spoon of these seeds will make you active for the whole day.


This is one very old food and most of the people don’t know about it. This is a complete protein packed food and gives you long lasting energy. It is usually taken as a replacement for rice. In some villages and remote places, people grind these seeds and make soup and take them as their breakfast or lunch. Several recipes are made out of this.


Whatever many be the workout and the food you eat, the muscles become thirsty and only water can quench that thirst. So drink more and more water to keep your muscles hydrated.           



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