Five essential foods that help you to grow your Baby

Five essential foods that help you to grow your Baby

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Pregnant women always get confused about what to eat and what not to eat. For this reason, the following are the five super foods that help your baby grow healthy and strong along with you.


  • Most of the people hate it, but this is the major source of vitamins and has many health benefits. This particular vegetable contains good amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants will help in promoting the growth of a healthy eye sight for the baby.
  • Coming to the mother, this will help in maintaining balanced fluid levels and also controls the blood pressure. You can eat cabbage also. These foods contain higher amounts of fiber in them which will help in proper digestion and bowel movements.


  • As the name reminds us this contains more calcium. Calcium is needed for a baby to grow some strong bones. This is not only good for the kid’s health but also for the mother. Stronger bones will support your backbone and keeps you strong. You can take some eggs also.
  • Eggs contain different amino acids that can help in promoting the growth of the baby’s brain. Even the mother gets her memory improved. Protein rich food will always generate steady energy into the body by breakdown process. You can add some nuts and seeds for this.


  • During pregnancy, the mother finds it hard to sleep. To overcome this problem a banana will help you. As bananas contain more amounts of potassium, they help in the promotion of a good sleep for both mother and the baby. Few women’s health problems in which the mother loses all the fluids can also be treated with this. Eating banana will retain the fluids, they release energy slowly.

Sweet Potato

  • It has many sweet benefits. This particular food will help in promoting the growth of the immunity in the baby and it also strengthens the bones and teeth of a mother.


  • These are helpful in providing required fiber for the mother. This will help in stopping constipation and other digestive disorders in a mother. Foods that are rich in vitamin C will help in preventing the damage of the cells.

Leafy vegetables

  • These contain higher amounts of iron which is helpful in improving and developing the cells. When the iron content is high, the cells can carry more oxygen to the body parts. You can have spinach, nuts, kale, and dry fruits. Add some olive oil in your recipes as this contains omega fatty acids.



Starchy vegetables

  • During pregnancy, the energy levels of a mother decreases and she needs to maintain them all day and night. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn are rich in complex carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates will release energy slowly and continuously so the mother can stay energetic throughout the day.
  • Never do fasting when you are pregnant. Try to eat the above mentioned foods and keep your energy levels high. If you cannot resist eating non vegetarian, then you can have fish but only one or two per week.





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