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Essential Skin care tips for vibrant skin

Yes, it is true. People are running behind cosmetics and fairness creams and they are ending up with skin care problems. Using artificial cosmetics is not a problem but using the right product is important. In olden days without using any artificial products, people maintained healthy skin. This is because of the natural products. Surprisingly, these products are available in the kitchen. Let us have a look at these natural skin care tips.


Honey is not just sweetening food but it helps in giving you a healthy skin. The minerals in honey will help in maintaining your moisture levels. So this will hydrate your skin and protects from dryness. You can apply honey in different ways to your skin.

Cleansing Gram flour

This is usually used in any recipes but the hidden secret behind this is it acts as a scrub. Though it is soft in nature, it can take out all the dirt from your pores. This absorbs the oily content from your skin and removes the dead cells. You can use this directly by adding water or milk or yogurt and apply it as a mask and then scrub. This is a natural skin care treatment.

Egg white

Eating an egg will keep your bone healthy. But the same egg is used in bringing your glow back to the skin. Egg whites have the power bring smoothness to your skin. When applied to the face, it holds the sagging skin and tightens again. This way you can get your younger skin back. Apply directly to your face and wash with cold water after dried.

The big fat potato

Potatoes are not only used in the preparation of food items, they are also used for healthy skin. People with dark circles and puffed skin can apply the peeled slices on their face. This will help in reducing them.

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