Natural Hair Growth Vitamins for Healthy Hair

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Your hairs are directly linked to your personality. But many people either lose their hairs quite early, while others see the health of their hairs deteriorating these days. This is  due to the amount of stress and pressure in individual’s life. If you see the condition of your hairs getting bad, or more than 100 hairs falling down every day, then it should definitely be a concern for you.

Major causes of hair loss:

Well, one of the major cause of hair loss is an injury to the scalp such as radiation or burns. The other reason includes genetics or auto-immune disorders.

How to avoid diseases/hair loss?

Taking enough vitamins are essential for your hairs. Taking  too less or too much intake can harm the quality of hairs. You can use below mentioned natural hair growth vitamins for maintaining good healthy hairs. Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in increasing the immunity to fight against extreme cold conditions and other diseases. It is also considered antioxidant which fights against radicals that damage tissues. While this helps in strengthening the hairs, but also helps in growth. Vitamin C is usually found in kiwi, Papaya, oranges etc. Vitamin A:  Usually known to promote the health of the eyes, vitamin A is also an antioxidant which prevents hairs from falling. While taking vitamin A is good, too much consumption can also be harmful to the hairs as well. Vitamin A is found in spinach, carrots, and peaches. Vitamin E: Vitamin E repairs and builds tissue which is important for the growth of hairs. This vitamin increases the blood circulation and also boosts the supply of oxygen. It is also known for thinning the blood; it has to be taken with extreme caution. You can use vitamin E twice in a week for best results. It is found in food such as Almonds, soybeans etc. Vitamin B5: This vitamin is essential for preventing aging effects. It also helps in getting rid of dead cells which cause dandruff in the hairs. Known with the name of Pantothenic acid, it is mostly found in eggs and whole grains.

Hope these Natural hair growth vitamins help you.




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