Differin- The medical Aid for Acne, now available without prescription

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Are you tired of listening to comments like “Ugly Face” or disgusting face?

Now you have something in your armory which can help you in stopping this kind of criticism. Differin is here to help you out.

What is Differin?


Differin(adapalene) is a medicine for 12+ year old that is applied to the surface of the skin. It is similar to Vitamin A and helps the skin to renew itself. Differin helps in elimination of mild to moderate forms of breakouts.

Differin composition :

Adapalene contains adapalene 0.3% in a topical aqueous gel and is used in the treatment of acne vulgaris. It is soluble in tetrahydrofuran and briefly soluble in ethanol, and completely insoluble in water.

How Differin works?

Differin has a chemical structure that makes it well suited with many acne treatments and also minimizes the undesirable side effects when it is applied to the skin.

Differin works by stopping hyper keratinization, the overproduction of skin cells that clogs pores.It also helps the skin absorb more clindamycin antibiotic and also desensitizes the skin to inflammation. Differin doesn’t cure acne .Rather, the sole benefit of Differin is to halt the formation of new acne, but it is safe to be used with other treatments.

When to apply Differin?

Differin Gel should be applied in  once a day to the affected areas after washing in the evening before retiring.While applying, avoid gel contact with eyes, lips, and mucous membranes. Differin should be avoided during pregnancy.

Side Effects of using Differin:

You should stop using Differin if you encounter allergy, swelling on the face,tonge or lips or if you face any difficulty in breathing

During initial few weeks, you may feel some burning or stinging. Also, stinging, tingling, itching, redness, or irritations are less known side effects.



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