What Causes Depression in Children

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The life is so stressed these days that even children’s feel the heat. Although the kind of depression is different what adults feel during their life, the amount of effect on the children can be equivalent or even more than that.

Children who feel depressed may see symptoms such as difficulty in sleeping, feeling angry too often, change the eating habits and getting sad frequently, loss of energy etc.  These symptoms can happen in the normal scenario as well but if you see these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, then your child can be suffering from depression.

Since depression is a serious illness but it can easily treat as well. Most kids who suffer from depression see a major change in the type of life they live. They also tend to lose a lot of interest in school and the performance in the school degrades as well.

Depression can make kids feel worthless, rejected, or unlovable. It can be hard for parents as well to handle a child who is depressed.

There are different kinds of depressions that happen

Major depression: This kind of depression stays in the mind of a child for at least 2 weeks. It has a major impact on the health of the child as well.

Chronic depression: This kind of depression stays with the child for at least 2 years.

Seasonal affective disorder: It is a kind of depression that happens because of natural tragedy and any event which is upsetting has taken place in the family which has made him depressed.

In these circumstances, the parents’ role becomes very important. They should know how to handle such situation.

Talk with your children about his situation. Understand what he is going through. They might be hiding something or may feel shy to tell you anything about the current scenario. Show them the love they need and show them their support such that they can tell you everything.

Spend more time with them: Try to spend some quality time with them. Help them in every way possible, both emotionally and physically.

Get in touch with mental health specialist: You can take your child to a mental health specialist. A psychiatrist can help your child and he can also recommend treatment as well.



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