Common Myths associated with Weight loss

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Many of us would already have a New Year resolution in mind which is to lose weight. We will look out for solutions/ shortcuts which can reduce our weight without disturbing our existing schedule. So, what is the best way to do so?

Many people tend to give you advice on how to lose weight faster without even knowing the reality. In this article, we will look at those “myths” associated with weight loss and will make you aware if those are actually true or not!

Myth 1: Not eating anything/starving will help in losing weight

Fact: There are least chances of losing weight when you eat less or starve. Instead, it can have a negative effect on the body and can also lead to longer term weight gain. This kind of diet is really hard to maintain and when you come back to regular diet, you will eat more than you eat, thus causing weight gain. Instead of starving, eat healthy food like soya chips, fruit chat, chana etc.

Myth 2: Exercise is the only way to lose weight.

Fact: There are a number of things you can do to lose weight apart from doing exercise. You can try to eat the food slowly which will further decrease the food intake. Eating lot of proteins has powerful effects on appetite. It will increase the feeling of fullness and you will eat less.

Myth 3: Carbohydrates increase your weight, avoid them.

Fact: Yes, Carbohydrates increase your weight, but their consumption is necessary since they provide you the energy for the whole day. Choosing the right carbs is important. If you are eating processed carbs like maida, then you are making a wrong decision since it can increase your weight but if you are eating complex carbs such as daliya then you are on right track.

Myth 4: Drinking a lot of water helps in reducing weight.

Fact: Water doesn’t help you in reducing the weight; rather it always gives you feeling of a full stomach. There is no doubt that water is good for health but saying that drinking water can reduce the weight is wrong.



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