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It is difficult to trust the authenticity of many myths that float around related to diseases these days. These make it hard for those people who are suffering from mental health troubles to get the support they need. We will try to clear out the air about some of the common myths that are spreading these days about mental illness.

  • Myth: Mental health problems are never recoverable and there is no hope for them of recovering

Truth: A person can easily recover from mental health problems. There are more treatments, services, and community support systems than ever before, and they work. This is a major myth among people these days.

  • Myth: People who are suffering from mental illness turn violent

Truth: People who are suffering from mental illness are never violent to others. Rather they are more likely to turn violent to themselves and many times hurt as well.

  • Myth: Hospital is the best place for the people who are having mental illness

Truth: Most of the people who are suffering from any of the mental problems live a normal life. Most of them like to live independently.

  • 4) Myth: Therapies never work as a cure for mental illness

Truth: There are many cases where therapies don’t work. But there are many as well where a person can be easily cured of mental illness. Treatment may take some time when therapies are involved.

  • 5) Myth: Mental problems are related to personality

Truth: Mental problems have no connection with the personality of a person. Rather if a person has suffered a major blow in his family life/personal life is likely to get mental problems.

  • 6) Myth: Children’s never get mental illness:

Truth: Mental illness can happen to anyone at any age. Even small children sometimes show signs of mental issues. These problems are curable if detected early in the life.

  • Myth: People who are mentally ill, cannot work or take care of their family

Truth: This is true sometimes but not always. People who are taking therapy sessions or treatment are able to live a normal life and do all the work that a normal human do.

  • Myth: Mentally ill people will definitely commit suicide; nothing can be done about it

Truth: There are chances of mentally ill people committing suicide only if their disability is not noticed.

  • Myth: Mental problems are and very few people are affected by it

Truth: 1 out of 5 people these days are affected by mental problems in one way or the other.

  • Myth: Medication can immediately help me and save from mental illness even if I have

Truth: Medications and therapies always take the time to save you from mental illness. There are different ways of curing mental diseases.

  • Myth: You can’t prevent mental health problems

Truth: you can take various steps to improve overall well-being and lower the likelihood of possible problems coming up in the future.

  • Myth: People suffering from mental illness are drug addicts

Truth: There are no such evidence found that people who take drugs are the only ones who suffer from mental illness.

  • Myth: Mind is the only affected thing while mental illness

Truth: It is not completely true since a person may harm himself when he is mentally ill.

  • Myth: Mental illness is only biological

Truth: There are chances that you are biologically impacted when you are mentally ill. But this is not the only reason.



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