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Choose the best way to deliver baby : Cesarean birth

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Though women choose natural ways to deliver a baby, sometimes the situation will be the reverse. Though the mother is getting labor, the delivery will be difficult. This is because of several reasons. The baby might be in the wrong direction or there may a presence of twins in the womb and many other reasons.


  • Doctors found a solution for this and that is cesarean. This is usually termed as C-Section. This is not a strange process; it is a most common process followed by most of the women in all over the world. Some people choose cesarean, as they want their baby before the due date. Foreveryonehour, there will be three or four cesarean operations in the world.
  • The process is very simple as they cut the lower abdominal part and then they go to the uterus and take the baby out of the womb. After that, the doctors sew the slit area. However, what are the after effects. The possibility of risk for the mother and the baby are more. During this time, the mother may lose lots of blood and there are chances for the blood to clot. The mother gets damage to the bladder, the uterus, or even the ovaries in few cases. This same cesarean is dangerous for the babies in few cases.

Reasons for choosing cesarean

  • There are four main reasons for which a mother or the doctor selects cesarean.
  • They are

No labor progress which means the baby is not coming out naturally

Distress of the fetus

Birth that is breached and

If you have any previous C-Section cases

  • There are more than 85% cases who choose cesarean for any one of the above reasons mentioned.

 Cons with cesarean

  • Newly born children through cesarean are prone to have breathing problems whereas the naturally born children did not show any problems. The recovery time for this operation will be around six weeks and you need to take care of the kid’s health. This operation will also make some of the women’s health issue
  • Some chances of cardiac arrest can take place.
  • As the fluids get accumulated in the lungs of the kid, they may feel little suffocated.

Pros with cesarean

  • There are successful cases in which cesarean saved many lives. However, choose the correct method to deliver. Sometimes you can get a normal delivery too. There are some women who are afraid to go for the natural way. There are several natural ways to deliver. Each of them is used in different stages of labor. Using warm water will relax the muscles.
  • There are many critical conditions in which the life of a mother and the child will be in risk. This can be solved by choosing cesarean.

HIV and cesarean

It is suggested by the experts that a mother with HIV is not supposed to deliver the baby through cesarean. Because this will increase the risk of HIV for the kid.

But the technical advancements and experienced doctors will put all their efforts to save the two lives.




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