Check if you are suffering from STD.

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Sexually Transmitted diseases are one cause of worry for everyone these days. Anyone who gets engaged in sexual activity is prone to sexual diseases. Many STD like chlamydia are symptom-less, so it can take a long time to display any symptom. These diseases are infectious and can cause and long term and permanent damage. Therefore, it is important to be informed how you can get those diseases. In this quiz, we will test if you are a victim of STD.

All you have to be in this quiz is “Honest” in giving the answer. Give yourself marks as per guidelines with each question. You can sum up the points for each question and at the end of this quiz; we will let you know the results.

Were you involved in any kind of sex in the last 3 months? This can be in the form of oral, anal or vaginal sex.

1-Yes, with a single person whom I trust

2-No, I wasn’t

3- Yes, with an unknown person.

Did you use protection while having sex?

       1- Yes, we know how dangerous it can be

       2- No, with condoms, it pains more.

3-Yes, we did, but not sure if it was a correct way of putting a condom

Do you really care about sexually transmitted disease?

1-Yes, i do and I understand the risks involved

2-No, what is the risk while doing sex

3-Yes, but who cares.

When was the last time you tested for HIV?

1-Recently 10 days back.

  • Months back.

3-I trust my instincts, I can’t have any kind of STD

Are you feeling anything unusual or sick after doing sex?

  • No, I am perfectly fine.

2- Yes, feeling tired and nauseous.

3- Yes, I think I have vaginal odor and painful urination 

With how many people you sexed with in last 3 months?

1-Only 1

2-More than 1

3-I didn’t count.

Did your partner felt anything unusual after sex?


2- Yes

3-I didn’t speak

Are you feeling that you have a sore throat or mouth sores?


2-Sometime I did

3- Yes and its pretty nasty

Do you have any rashes on your body?

1- No, I am okay

2-Yes, a lot in many parts of the body

3-.Yes, I can see it is itchy red in my genital area

Did you check with your partner if she had any kind of sexual disease in the past?

1- Yes, she tested and found nothing.

2-Yes, I did, but my partner ignored

  • No, I didn’t. Why should I ask this question?


If you are getting a score of 10-15, there are least chances that you are a victim of sexually transmitted disease.

If your score is in between 16-20, you might be a person who has started getting ill-effects of sexual disease but not necessarily. It is better to go to a doctor.

If your score is more than 25, you are definitely one of those people who have a sexual disease. Visit the doctor immediately.






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