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Breast cancer is the fastest growing disease among women these days. In this disease, the cells in the breast go out of control. Cancer happens due to abnormal changes in the genes that are responsible for keeping the body healthy. Usually, cells in the body replace themselves over time with new ones replacing them but over time, but sometimes, certain genes are turned on for few cells and turn off for other in a cell. This affects the ability of the cell to keep dividing without control and forming a tumor.


Types of Breast cancer:


  1. Noninvasive breast cancer: Cancerous cells does not spread to surrounding tissue and remain in a particular location.
  2. Invasive breast cancer: Cancerous cells through the bloodstream spread to other parts of the body and lymph nodes.

Symptoms of breast Cancer:


  • Swelling, redness in one or both breasts: Breast swelling is caused by inflammatory breast cancer. Breast cancer causes swelling around your collarbone and also spreads to lymph nodes. So next time you see swelling around your lymph, make sure you are visiting a doctor.
  • The increase in size of the breast(s): During Breast cancer, there is a rapid increase in the size of breasts. You sometimes also feel sensations of heaviness or burning.
  • General pain in/on any part of the breast: Mastitis causes a more sudden pain. If you have breast pain that is severe and it persists for longer time, you should be checked by your doctor. You could be suffering from cancer or something that needs immediate attention.

Treatment of Breast Cancer: For treatment of breast cancer, you can either opt for Local treatment or systematic treatment

Local therapy can only eradicate breast cancer from limited areas using surgery or radiation therapy. Local therapy also ensures that cancer does not come back to that area.

In systematic treatments, drugs are injected into the body either via mouth or via the bloodstream. It gets rid of cancer cells that may have reached different parts of the body. This includes methods such as Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy etc.  These treatments are given as per age of the patient, stage of cancer and present health situation.



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