best foods to eat while pregnant

Best Foods To Eat While Pregnant

Top Foods To Eat While Pregnant


Pregnancy is not an easy level. It needs care and every work you do is important in this phase. You need to maintain a good health and follow a proper diet. Most of the people get doubts about what to eat during pregnancy. This article explains about the foods to eat when pregnant as a part of the pregnancy care reviews.


Calcium is one important component that plays a role in the development of bone strength for the mother and the child. It also helps in the development of the embryo. Calcium is rich in dairy products and other vegetables. Dairy products contain calcium and other trace vitamins and minerals which help in promoting the growth. Greek yogurt is more advantageous in this category.


Iron is needed for blood formation and proper circulation. So, iron-based food like leafy

vegetables and legumes are to be consumed. Legumes also contain higher amounts of folate which helps in the neutralization of all neural related problems in the child. Fiber rich food is needed and that is available through legumes and leafy vegetables. These are good for the kid’s health.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A promotes the growth of several cells in the body and it is available in many vegetables like sweet potato and carrot.  The more vitamins intake, the healthier the baby will be. Beta carotene is available in sweet potato and this is amazing food for pregnant women. These sweet potatoes also contain good amounts of fiber and help in improving the digestive system.

Omega Fatty Acids

These are essential for the growth and proper functioning of the brain and the eyes. These are available in fish like Salmon and others. These salmons are also sources of vitamin D. This will help in promoting the bone health and the immunity.

Eggs and green leafy vegetables and fish oils whole grains and dried fruits can also be added to this diet.   

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