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You would have definitely heard that drinking water empty stomach has numerous benefits. In fact, you can sustain on water for at least 3-4 weeks without eating anything, but vice versa isn’t possible. Water has been used as a remedy for many diseases as well. It helps in overcoming digestion, constipation, many heart diseases and also treating liver and kidney diseases. Drinking water early morning even helps in overcoming stones and can lower the risk of bladder cancer.

So, what is so special about drinking water empty stomach? Why Doctors recommend this so much?

While you were sleeping, all the water that was there in the body got consumed since your body never stops working. Now by drinking water empty stomach, you are actually giving your body a fresh start. This helps in increasing metabolism.

Drinking water empty stomach in early morning helps you in achieving below things:

1)    Drinking lukewarm water helps your body in preventing solidification of oil into fats.

2)    It helps in expelling many toxins from the body that we consume with food or breathe with air every day. You are actually detoxifying your body while drinking water empty stomach.

3)    By clearing the bowels, it increases the amount of food intake in your body. It also helps in digesting food faster.

4)    It also helps in glowing your skin. It is critical to have a stable balance of water to oil on the surface of the skin. Also, signs of aging are minimized.

5)    Helps in losing weight: Water helps in flushing the toxic Trans fats and also increases the rate of metabolism in the body.

However, with increasing pollution, the quality of clean and pure water has decreased. Therefore, a lot of carefulness is needed while you drink water.



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