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It becomes difficult for the couples to have a good sex life when little ones come in their life. Life becomes hectic post that period. It also gets hard to energy and  to get in the mood.

Sexual intimacy is really important after marriage. It creates romance and spark. It’s one of the only things you share with your spouse that you don’t share with anyone else. It is a special connection that only the two of you can have.

Many couples don’t find time to get intimate and give time to each other. This decline in sex life can cause a fair amount of anxiety and conflict within your relationship, exactly because sex is considered so important. In fact, couples avoid talking about it.

It is a good idea to keep the flame alive. But becoming a parent can be quite physically and emotionally tiring. Even your children will also benefit from your love relationship and it also helps in making your child’s humor and health better.

How to bring your sex life back?

Talking with your partner to resolve the issues if there are any. If you are feeling any discomfort, it’s better to clear out with your partner so that you can rebuild your sexual relationship. It is also important to understand your sex life as well. Many couples are happy while doing sex once a month and others love to do it daily. Try to make your sex life a bit spicy whenever you can.

Also, women’s body is not the same what it was before having kids. She might not look as attractive what she looked before kids. The excitement might take a toll from both of you. But try to be excited. Instead of waiting for the right time, have small love making session wherever possible.

Life after kid changes, but the quality of sex should not change. There are many ways you can create spark, so that you can have a wonderful sex life.




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