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Are you getting older with age? Do you want to look young? You want to beat the clock and go back 10-20 years? Well, you would have definitely heard these cheesy lines in the commercials on TV, Radio.

A number of products are there in the market which promises you to bring you back to days when you were young. However, there is either such NO or very less advancement that have taken place to stop aging. No cream or tonic can make you look young forever.

There are Intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute toward aging problem. So, to sum up, there are several factors that aren’t your hand when it comes to aging. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing is in our hand. Following some instructions can help you get back the good skin that you had once.

Eat right, sleep right. Eat nutritious food .It can help you to maintain good skin and also stops aging. Eating junk food is never good for health, or for your skin. Stop eating junk food. Eat balanced diet and drink lot of water. Take at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

Exercise daily: If you don’t have exercise schedule, make one. Exercises have proven to be very effective for good healthy skin. Depending upon your stamina, you can choose between running and walking.

Apply Sunscreen daily. To maintain your face from heat strokes, apply sunscreen every day. You can add many years to your life span if you apply sunscreen.

Less stress, more life: Stress leads to increase in the amount of cortisol secreted, which leads to insomnia, weight gain, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

Get protection from air pollution: There is not much you can do about air pollution, but you can definitely protect your skin against it. Air pollution has deadly toxic waste that eats down good skin.

Stop Smoking: Last but most important, stop smoking. Smoking leads to loss of many essential nutrients in the body.




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