9 Things for strong bones

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A healthy body is carried upon a healthy frame. Yes we are talking about the 206 bones that form our body structure.
There are many mistakes that cause our bones to become frail and week. We need to avoide these to maintain a healthy structure. Heres what we don’t need to do or avoid to keep it in good shape.

Excessive salt :
Taking more than a spoon full of salt daily makes the calcium from the bones seep out thru urine. Avoide things with hidden excessive salt like fast food and chips.

Sitting or lying down in static position :
Constantly lying down for long and engaging in indore activities that turns a healthy being into a couch patato should be avoided. If it is imperitive to work long hours indores then geting up and doing some basic streching, taking a break and refreshing onself for a half hour interval is a must. Better still more physical activities should be taken up daily to keep the bones in good condition.

Long rides :
Excursions and long rides reduces the weight bearing capacity of bones, instead sports like cycling, swimming, tennis are quite helpful to maintain bone strength.

Remaining Indores in dark, dingy rooms without ample light or even artificial lighting :
Natural sunlight has vitamin D essential for our body and therefore one must sit under the sun for 15-20 minutes daily in the morning and soak some naturl sunlight however avoide sitting under bright light as it may cause sunburn and damage skin with ultraviolet rays.

Excess drinking :
This hampers the ability of our body to absorbe calcium and weekens the bones.

Cold drinks :
This shouldn’t come as a surprise because coldrinks and other ariated drinks do multiple harm to body. Carbon dioxide, cafeen and phosphorus present in these drinks  harm bones. Same goes for tea and coffee as it also has high doses of caffeine.

Smoking :
Causes bone tissues to weeken and new tissue growth gets redundant.

Self medication :
Being on drugs like pain killers, anti depressants, asthama or arthritis medication can damage bones. So doctor should be consulted from time to time if intake is prolonged and done regularly.

Being over or under weight:
They say going to extreems is always bad. Excessive dieting makes bones go frail and damage tissues and same goes for obese people who have to carry the extra burden of their body mass always making them slugish and saped out of energy easily and geting deformity in their bones, therefore maintaining ideal and balanced weight is the key.



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