5 Tips girls should know before having first sex

5 Tips girls should know before having first sex

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First sex specially for girls  is always like of “sadi ka laddu”.Here is some tips for girls before losing there virginity.

Is it the right time to have sex?

When a girl is going to lose her virginity she should be ready physically and mentally. There should be no discomfort, nervous or anxiety. Ask yourself that are you really ready or interested to have sex. If you are not ready then don’t go for sex. When you are mentally prepared your brain and body performs better. If you are not ready or not comfortable then frankly speak to your partner about this. Don’t have sex forcefully or when you have drunk. You should understand your partner physically and emotionally as well to have the real benefit.

Will it be painful?

It is normal that a think of pain may worry you when you think about having sex. The hymen, a tissue that lines the opening of vagina when tears, it is going to be painful and bleeding may occur varying differently from girl to girl. But, that pain will not be too irresistible. It is normal that bleeding may occur during and after the intercourse but it is a little, not too much blood. If it is too much bleeding, then this may be due to some other reasons (e.g., menstruation). The dry vagina or not enough lubrication may lead to uncomfortable and painful intercourse. To ease the pain you can use water based lubricants instead of oil based lubricants.

Will I have a safe sex?

It is always advised to take the safety precautions first. It is most important. An unsafe may cause some infectious diseases and make you pregnant also. So always use some contraception, condoms and birth pills.

Are masturbation and foreplay really helpful?

Foreplay is really helpful that leads up to intercourse. For first time the things are not easy. You should take some time to make yourself horny and ready for sex. Foreplay makes a girl aroused. Foreplay makes a girl to be lubricated enough and thus a girl can enjoy it and get the full pleasure of sex. Masturbation helps you to know your body and when you know what makes you horny that will be helpful during sex.

How to overcome anxiety?

It is obvious that you both may feel shy and nervous because it is the first you are seeing each other naked. Sexual communication with your partner allows you to overcome your nervousness and you should both have knowledge about sexual works at least a little. Talking about what you and your partner expects from this times is always helpful.



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