5 Spices that help in losing weight like charm

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Herbs and spices are known for adding flavors in the food. However, we often forget that apart from the basic purpose of these spices, they also help in reducing extra chubby from your tummy. These spices have no sodium, no sugar content and contain no calories. The herbs and spices we are going to list in this article will also boost your metabolism and will also help in burning the fat quickly.

  1. Cumin: The first in the list is Cumin what we call “Jira” in Hindi. Adding one teaspoon of jira in your meal can help in burning 3 times more body fat. Jira also adds flavours to the food and is also high in iron content which helps you in getting more energy for your day to day activities. It is really good for people who suffer from iron deficiency.
  2. Ginger: Also known as “Adrak” in Hindi, Ginger is known for increasing the metabolism and decreasing the appetite. It also provides excellent flavor to tea and also helps in digestion and also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Turmeric: Also known as “Haldi” in Hindi, Turmeric is one of the most used spices in India. Haldi increases your metabolism activity when you eat the food and helps in weight management. It reduces the re-formation of fat by suppressing the blood vessels which is responsible for the formation of fat.
  4. Coriander: Known as “Dhaniya” in Hindi, Coriander has unique blends of oil which help in relaxing the digestive muscles and boosting the immunity. It also acts as a blood tonic and also controls blood pressure.
  5. Black Pepper: Known as “Kali Mirch” in Hindi, Black pepper increases the body temperature and also boosts metabolism. Black Pepper also has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties and also blocks the formation of fat cells.



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