5 ways to get relief from constipation

5 remedies to get relief from constipation

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Constipation, now this issue is everywhere suffering people in the world. Constipation problem occurs when there is no enough water in our stool due to too much fluid is absorbed by the intestines. Constipation is there in which you have fewer bowel movements and you are suffering with a hard, dry, small stools and painful pass of the stools.

The reasons of constipation may be junk foods, over eating, alcohol, smoking, lack of fluids, lack of exercise etc. or may be medications which make you dilated and uneasy. The other symptoms can include irritability, mood changes, worries, vomiting, nausea, weight loss.


  • Healthy diet – Foods filled up with fibre in your diet will make your stool bulkier, softer so that stool can pass easily. A healthy diet should include 20-40grams of fibre daily. Foods rich in fibre are whole grains like rice, breads, cereals, vegetables like carrots, sprouts, fruits like prunes, raisins and beans. While having constipation high fat and low fibre foods should be limited in intake. So, to get relief from constipation limit foods like dairy products, processed foods, meat and drink plenty of water and engage yourself in physical activities. Always include olive oil or ghee in your cook.


  • Lemon juice – Prepare lemon juice at home and have it to get cure from constipation. To prepare this bring warm water, add a lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey or pinch some salts into it to make a juice. This juice will improve the digestive system and cleanse toxins to ease out constipation.


  • Triphala – Triphala is available in tablet and powdered form and you can have them with warm water before going to sleep or in the early morning with empty stomach to get rid of constipation. It tastes bitter so if you can’t have it directly as it is then add 1 tablespoon of honey. It is the magical ayurvedic remedy which will cure your constipation problem.


  • Blackstrap molasses – It is a natural remedy, tasty and contains vitamins and minerals. The magnesium content in it helps in cure of constipation. You can have blackstrap molasses with warm water or tea to have the effects.


  • Aloe vera – Aloe vera also helps in smoothing the digestive system. Extract gel from the aloe plant and add it with water or any fruit juice and drink it in the morning in empty stomach and get cure from constipation.



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