13 medical reason why some women lost their interest in sex

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Sex is always plays a vital role in all women’s life. But, these following cause less interest of having sex in them. 1. High blood pressure High blood pressure puts work stress on heart and other organs, causes damages in the lining of blood vessels, and hardens the arteries. Due to high blood pressure blood flow to the vagina is decreased and the blockages prevent blood flow to the pelvis. Women who have high blood pressure have lower libido and less interest in sex. Hormonal issues

  • Menopause – Menopause leads to loss of estrogen and testosterone which makes changes in a woman’s body and sexual drive. There may be less sensitiveness to touching and stroking that causes less interest of sex in them. Lower estrogen cause drop in blood supply to vagina and so affect vaginal lubrication, the vagina may be too dry for comfortable sex.
  • Breast feeding – During breast feeding women encounter low libido because the hormones are being engaged in preparing the women for breast feeding. So this causes lower sex drive.
  • Birth control pills – Having birth control pills stops ovulation due to lack of testosterone level because of which Ovaries may not release sufficient hormones.
  1. Side effects of medication Antidepressants and chemotherapy agents like tamoxifen restrict women to have sex.
  2.  Nerve damage Pelvic surgery can cause nerve damage and thus it can effect sex.
  3. Lack of sleep

                It decreases the testosterone level and hence causes the lower libido and sex. It may also the reason for vaginal lubrication.

  1. Depression

                Psychology also effects on the sex desire. Depression causes less interest on sex, taking longer for orgasm and thus finds sex less enjoyable. Sexual desire is mainly created in the brain and it is the chemicals of brain which promotes libido to the sex organs and the changes in blood flow needed for the sex. When depression disturbs these brain chemicals, it makes sexual activity more difficult.

  1. Diabetes

                Women with diabetes have trouble achieving orgasm because high blood sugar level causes vaginal lubrication. Thus, they feel uncomfort or more pain during sex.

  1. Thyroid disease

                Hypothyroidism slows down the metabolism which means the reproductive organs are slowed down ultimately. The process of conversion of hormones produced in the adrenal glands that convert into the sex hormones are also slowed down. Women see decreased testosterone and estrogen levels.

  1. Anaemia

                Anaemia is common in women because of iron loss during periods. During periods women lose iron and red blood cells. Thus, they have low libido and have more pain during  this period.

  1. Hysterectomy

            Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. The uterus is a hormone responsive reproductive sex organ. Women feel a loss of physical sexual sensation, a loss of vitality, joint pain, back pain, profound fatigue, personality change, and weight gain after the surgery. The vagina is shortened and made into a closed pocket that is closed at the top of the vagina, which causes a loss of the natural elasticity of the vaginal tissue. Thus some women no longer able to have intercourse because their vaginas were made so short that it has become physically impossible.

  1. Endometriosis

Women experience painful sex when Endometriosis happens. It effects the tissue behind the uterus. Painful sex not only effects on libido but can also create difficulties in expression of sexuality as an individual and as a couple.



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