10 Yoga exercise you can do anywhere

10 Yoga exercise you can do anywhere

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Yoga benefits everyone in some way or the other. Yoga not only helps in building physical immunity but also de-stress you and also gives you calmness that you need after a stressful day. It is also considered to be the best exercise form for staying healthy in long term.

Yoga works best when you are doing it in a park or garden where there is fresh sense of air. But due to hectic lifestyle that most of us are living into, you don’t find time to go to the park or a garden. Although, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do Yoga. We will list out few Yoga positions that can be tried anywhere.

  1. Neck Roll: This exercise can be done by standing or sitting and targets neck and upper back. It removes stiffness and enhances flexibility in the neck. It also relaxes the whole body. Your shoulders should be relaxed during the entire stretch.
  2. Cat cow stretch: Also known as Chakravakasana, this exercise helps in improving the spinal flexibility and also increases abdominal strength. This exercise in very good for people who spend most of their time working with sitting.
  3. Seated twist: This exercise improves the blood circulation in the body and allows oxygenated blood to flow in the body. It also wrings out venous blood from internal organs. When you do this yoga exercise, your nerves relax and tension is released from your mind.
  4. 15 exercise you can do anywhere
  1. High altar: High Altar is a good exercise for stretching all muscles of the hand, neck, and the shoulders. This is one of the simplest exercises one can do and can be even done at the workplace. You just need to stretch your arms over your head and lean to left and right side slowly.
  2. Ankle to knee: This exercise Stretches the groins and buttocks gently and helps in strengthening legs and calves. When you do this yoga exercise, your mind leaves stress, tension, and anxiety and also makes your mind calm.
  3. Half Dog: This Yoga exercise relieves your body from lower back pain when you have spent last few hours while travelling. It opens up your chest, hamstrings, shoulders, and back.
  4. Chair pose: Also known as Utkatasana, this yoga exercise tones the leg muscles and also stretches chest and shoulders. It also stimulates the heart and abdominal organs.
  5. Tree Pose: Tree-pose improves the balance and also brings stability in the legs. It also strengthens the ligaments and the bones of the hips.
  6. Forward bend: It stretches the hips, hamstrings and helps in keeping spines strong and flexible. It also helps in relieving the tension in the spine, neck, and back. It also improves digestion.
  7. Half-moon pose: It opens up your hips and chest and builds coordination and balance. It also improves digestion.

So, what are you waiting for? Open the internet and check the correct form of doing healthy Yoga exercises and start a new journey.



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