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There comes a time when your body is unable to support you and it becomes difficult for you to do day to day tasks. It is important to understand at that time that your body needs care and should think of something to improve your health condition. We are listing few of those scenarios We will discuss today the 10 signs when you see them, should better know that you need to invest in your health Not getting proper sleep: If you are not getting adequate sleep, there is definitely a sign that you should change your living lifestyle. Stress is taking your mind down .When your body is stressed, the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms doesn’t work properly and you get sick. Breathlessness: This happens when you are doing very less physical exercises due to the nature of your work. You start walking a bit and you feel the breathlessness that is happening to you. You should definitely watch out such symptoms and do something about it. Your skin is unable to respond to the climate change: Your skin develops disorders that show that you are not taking proper care of it. There are chances that you could be suffering from an allergic reaction. Your skin is an ultimate protector from many things. Increasing weight: If you are not taking food which is hygienic or are having some physical disorder, there are chances that you may see your weight increasing rapidly. Start doing exercises or physical activity to keep your weight in check. The dark yellow color of urine: The color of your urine is an indicator of how good your health is. If the color of your urine is dark yellow, this means that you are not drinking an adequate amount of water to keep your body liquidated. Pain in the body when you wake up in the morning: If you usually get pain in your body while you wake up, there are chances that you might be a deficiency of vitamins and minerals needed for proper functioning of the body. You get cold too easily: A normal human being is able to combat diseases like cold and sneeze easily. But if you are having it too often, then that is a sign of a major problem of health in progress. Loss of appetite: Many times, you are so much stressed out that your diet decreases significantly. If this is happening to you, you are more likely to lose a lot of weight and destroy your health completely. Irregular pulse: When you see that your pulse rate is not normal, you should become alerted. This can lead to dangerous diseases like heart attacks. Coughing too in the often: When you suffer from a cough and it doesn’t seem to end, there might be chances that you are developing the infection in your throat which is not good for your overall health.



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