10 Foods that Promote Weight Loss and Health

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Losing weight is not as easy as growing fat and weight. There are many foods that help you in maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your body in good condition. You can take these foods during a workout or even in the leisure time.  The purpose of these foods is to suppress the hunger and improve the digestion activity in the body and promote weight loss. For this, the following ten foods will help you


These belong to the category of dried fruits and these are rich in calcium. This calcium will help in making your bones strong. Strong bones can carry more body weight. Almonds help in decreasing your cravings and keep your tummy full. Fists full of almonds are good sources of protein and calcium and they help in reducing the fat and building muscle. You can take these between breakfasts a lunch.

Green Tea

This is most commonly used tea. This tea has several benefits including the fat burn and lowering the cholesterol levels. You can have a sip at any time even before going to bed. This tea will clean your skin from inside and keeps you healthy.


It is said that if you are eating an egg every day, then you will become strong. This is true. The white part of the egg contains proteins and the yolk contains fat. You can consume egg to promote weight loss and build some muscle. People who are looking to lose their weight and fat must eat the egg white and leave the yolk. The egg is also one of the sources of calcium.


All the vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. If you are consuming good amounts of vegetables you will be healthy and active. Some vegetables will help in improving your digestion and some will help in building a healthy body. Green leafy vegetables are all rich in iron and other minerals and are good for your eyesight too.


Beans are all good sources of essential minerals and they help in suppressing the hunger. They are all rich in carbohydrates and these will help in making you work with more effort. The energy produced by the beans is high when compared to other foods.


Though it is not a staple food for everyone, but it will help you fill your stomach. There are different kinds of rice and among them, brown rice will help in improving the digestion and easily digestible food. You can include a cup of rice in your diet.


Milk and milk products are all rich in calcium and essential fatty acids. Consuming these products will activate your metabolism and burns fat and make you healthy.


Not all meat contains fat. Some meat will contain proteins and amino acids. You can take boiled or well-cooked meat in your meal. It can be chicken or mutton or even seafood like fish. Seafood contains more amounts of fatty acids which help in maintaining a healthy body.

Peanut butter

This small food will help in burning fat and lose weight from your body. You can eat with bread slices in the morning. This will make you feel full and slowdowns your hunger pains.


This serves all round needs to lose weight and maintain good health. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and keeps your muscles work more to burn fat. Water will flush all the fat from your body. Drink as much as you can to keep your health in a good condition and reduce your weight.   



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